Hogwarts Legacy art book leak reveals game length, world map & new areas

Hogwarts Legacy fans eager for new information on the game will be excited to see that the game’s official art book has leaked early, revealing never-before-seen elements of the game.

For many longtime Harry Potter fans, February 10, 2023, the release date for Hogwarts Legacy, can’t come soon enough and people want more information about the game.

In addition to having to think about which version of the game to buy and the dilemma of whether PC players will be able to run their computer games, there are additional elements to consider.

Many gamers love collecting physical memorabilia for their favorite franchises, and Hogwarts Legacy will be supported by a long line of merch to coincide with its release. One of the anticipated items will be the game’s official art book, and the product in question has already leaked ahead of time.

As shared on Twitter by user @ManwithSecrets_, images from the game’s art book have made their way to social media and it provides more details about Hogwarts Legacy.

From the images, we can see the game’s menu screen and how it will adopt an RPG setup similar to the likes of Assassin’s Creed in terms of the rarity of your gear and overall stats.

We also get to see more details about the sights and sounds of Hogwarts itself – which will likely serve as the main hub area for most of the game.

One of the most intriguing images though is the Christmas-themed Hogwarts that sees the Great Hall adorned with decorations, snow and giant Christmas trees.

Another tweet from the user pulled back the curtain on the game’s map, along with a look at the game’s herb classes, showing off the Hosgmeade of Christmas, and what looks like a list of spells.

A final message in the thread revealed information about Hogwarts Legacy’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Dinah Hekat, and Professor Mirabel Garlick, a herbology teacher.

If all this was not enough to whet the appetite, the same user has also Information shared from a Discord server Revealing that Quidditch was originally supposed to be in the game, there are tons of puzzles and side quests, and the game will take you somewhere in between 35-70 hours to completeWith the latter end of the approximation related to 100% completion.

There’s a lot here to excite fans of Hogwarts Legacy, and with plenty of information already out in the wild from the game’s potions, spells and animals, the game is sure to please fans desperate for a fully fledged Harry Potter game. Looks for

Image credits: Warner Bros.

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