GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC: Release date, new vehicles, missions, more

There’s a new Drug Wars DLC coming to GTA Online that takes players on the Los Santos psychedelic drug trade, here’s everything you need to know.

GTA Online is constantly being pumped out with new content and missions for players to enjoy, and now that Winter 2022 has arrived, players are wondering when the updates will stop.

Along with the chance to get some of GTA Online’s hottest cars with the weekly Prize Ride Challenge courtesy of Tuners Update, Rockstar has also announced a new DLC set launching very soon.

The GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars expansion is in-bounds, bringing more content for players to enjoy, including new vehicles, missions and more. Here’s everything we know about the new DLC so far.

gta online los santos drug wars dlc release date

New Drug Wars DLC coming to GTA Online December 13, 2022, described on the update Rockstar Games Blog as “a new psychoactive strain of chaos,” injecting “a new business venture to operate, new vehicles and missions, and experiential upgrades.”

The GTA Online Drug Wars DLC is a two-part story update, with the first part ending on December 13th, and a release date for the second part yet to be confirmed.

The ultimate goal of the DLC is for GTA Online players to “put their stamp on the Los Santos psychedelics business,” completing missions with a nervous Ron and a “new band of out-of-state misfits.”

We don’t have any details on the content yet other than the fact that players will be completing missions for a new business venture centered around the psychedelic drug trade in Los Santos. However, Rockstar has confirmed that the Drug Wars expansion will indeed bring “new vehicles” as well as “experiential upgrades”.

It seems likely that some holiday-themed content will also be included for Christmas 2022, as the blog states that players will “need to prepare for a lot more exciting events, including some jolly holiday hijinks, significant storylines, and more.” Including gameplay updates and many more to come.”

That’s all for GTA Online’s new Drug Wars DLC, for now let’s look at how to get the free vehicle reward with the Heist Challenge and December 8 patch notes.

Image credits: Rockstar Games

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