GTA Online Gun Van locations: How to buy the Railgun

GTA Online brought the Gun Van with the January 12 update, allowing players to get their hands on the new railgun. Here’s where to find the Gun Van in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games has been releasing a steady stream of content in GTA Online, with the January 12th update marking the end of the winter event. It didn’t come without some innovation though, as Karakara 4×4 is the latest prize ride and the long-awaited Railgun weapon arrives.

The railgun comes with a new roaming gun van that sells weapons and equipment to Grand Theft Auto players who can find it. This is where you can find the Gun Van in GTA Online.

Where is the gun van in GTA Online?

GTA Online’s Gun Van spawns in a new location every day and will be marked by a small marker on the map. by January 12can be found on Palmer-Taylor Power Station On the east coast of Los Santos. You’ll be able to find the van on the street right outside the power station.

The Gun Van Will Run Daily, So You Can Check In gta web Because they will have each day’s location marked on the map.

How to get Railgun in GTA Online: Railgun Price

you can only Buy Railgun from Gun Van In GTA Online, where it costs a lot $657,000,

The Gun Van will also provide other powerful weapons, equipment, and upgrades, and they’ll actually be cheaper than going to Ammu-Nation. Gun Van will have 10% off everything, so it’s worth a look if you want to save some cash.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games / YouTube: Gtamen , gta web

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