Fortnite Big Bush Bomb: How to hide in bushes that you threw down

There are new Fortnite Weekly Quests available for players to complete, and one of them tasks you with hiding in a bush that you toppled down. Here’s how you can find and complete the Big Bush Bomb.

Fortnite’s weekly quest is a great way for you to fast-forward through the Battle Pass and get a variety of neat-looking cosmetic skins.

Now, a new set of weekly quests has arrived in Chapter 4 Season 1, including one that requires you to hide in bushes that you toss down. We’ll find out how you can complete this Fortnite quest.

How to hide in the bushes you’ve been thrown in fortnite

To complete this quest, you must use big bush bomb Which deploys portable bushes. This item can be collected as robbery From the ground, inside chests, Oathbound chests and supply drops,

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. jump into a game of Fortnite,
  2. Search around the map until you find big bush bomb,
  3. add big bush bomb for your list.
  4. aim and press shot Throwing down a bush.
  5. walk in the bush To hide in it

Once you hide inside the bush, this quest will be marked as completed, and you’ll be awarded 16,000 XP for your efforts. You can then complete the rest of the Fortnite quest for bonus XP.

It’s worth bearing in mind that you’re not guaranteed to find Big Bush Bombs right away, so it may take a bit of looting before you’re able to get this item. You’ll also have to face opposition from enemy players.

For this reason, we recommend that you collect as many shields and powerful weapons as possible immediately after landing on the island. Once you’re prepared, you’ll be able to defend yourself against enemy attacks while completing this quest.

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Image Credits: Epic Games

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