Fortnite 23.20 update early patch notes: Server downtime, expected content, bug fixes

Fortnite’s first major update of 2023 arrives with patch v23.20, so when does it arrive Plus expected server downtime, content, and confirmed bug fixes.

With Fortnite’s Winterfest event coming to an end, it’s almost time for Chapter 4 Season 1’s first major update of 2023. The 23.10 hotfix brought Guardian Shield and midseason drops, but update v23.20 is expected to bring more significant changes.

This is when we expect Fortnite’s 23.20 update to be confirmed as well as server downtime details, expected content, and bug fixes.

fortnite 23.20 update expected release date and server downtime

fortnite 23.20 update expected Tuesday, January 17server is almost down 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM GMT,

This is the time that Fortnite updates usually drop, and the devs disable matchmaking about an hour before the servers go offline. The downtime may last a few hours, and then everyone can experience the new content at once.

fortnite 23.20 update expected content

While Epic Games hasn’t revealed anything about the 23.20 update yet, popular leaker Shaina has revealed all the content they expect to see in the update.

While Shaina expects the usual content such as the new Weekly Quest and Doom Slayer midseason drop, there is a chance dead space collab May come – providing leakage proves correct.

according to notable insider tom hendersonFortnite will bring a Dead Space collab on January 23 ahead of Remake on January 27, and if true, the 23.20 update should add the skin to game files.

Henderson also leaked a Kid LAROI concert for Fortnite, and Shaina predicted that concert items could be added to the files.

fortnite 23.20 update bug fixes

Thanks to Epic Games’ Trello Board Regarding bugs and issues in Fortnite, we are aware of a few issues that will be fixed in the 23.20 update.

  • Battle Royale:
    • Opening the map or quest when using split-screen causes the other player’s view to go black.
  • creative:
    • Prop mover behavior is inconsistent.

Other major issues such as the Aerialist Augment being disabled and an issue where “weapon firing while running and jumping may not register hits” are also on the board, but not confirmed for the 23.20 update Has been done.

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Image Credits: Epic Games

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