FIFA 23 Wrexham easter egg reveals Ryan Reynolds’ Liverpool snub

The FIFA 23 Easter egg brings Wrexham owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney into the game, with some comedic commentary aimed at Liverpool and rivals Stockport County.

The FIFA franchise has experienced another successful year following the launch of FIFA 23 in September. The final chapter in the series has been a memorable one with plenty of Ultimate Team promos to enjoy before EA Sports re-branded the title as EA Sports FC.

The popular soccer game has been out for months, but that hasn’t stopped players from ushering in the new year finding hidden details and Easter eggs.

One of these recently discovered Easter eggs involves the now famous Welsh club Wrexham. The club plies its trade in the National League, the fifth tier of the English football league system. Despite the National League not being in FIFA 23, Wrexham made their way to the game by popular demand.

In case you missed it, part of the reason behind Wrexham’s meteoric rise in popularity is the highly publicized Hollywood ownership led by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. He has not only led the renaissance of the club but also produced a documentary series called Welcome to rexham Has earned the respect of football fans around the world.

Playing a match between Wrexham and Liverpool or Wrexham and Stockport County Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney will anchor the Easter egg commentary.

The two will feature in comic-style fixtures as they take jabs at Liverpool and rivals Stockport County. “Small club Liverpool. Tiny club, tiny town,” both joked in reference to the six-time Champions League winners.

This Easter egg managed to stay hidden for the first few months after FIFA 23’s release, but with clips going viral on social media in the new year, many players are digging deeper for more hidden treats.

As Wrexham’s journey into the English football system continues, we could be hearing more about Reynolds in the coming years as the club aim for one promotion after the next.

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Image credits: EA Sports

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