FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Swaps explained: Expected start date & rewards

If the rumors are true, FIFA 23’s Winter Wildcards will build on the success that the Ultimate Team promo had on its debut last year. Thanks to a juicy swap program, it was incredibly popular among FUT fans and is expected to return in FIFA 23.

Every player returning to FIFA 23 will remember the overwhelmingly positive reception to FIFA 22’s Winter Wildcards promo. The Ultimate Team community crowned the promo as one of the best in recent memory and players are eager to find out what’s in store for FIFA 23’s Winter Wildcards.

Part of what made the promo so special was the introduction of The Swap, which has since become a mainstay of the Ultimate Team experience. Here’s everything you need to know to prepare for the possibility of a Winter Wildcards swap program in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Winter wildcards swapped, expected start date

While FIFA 23’s Winter Wildcards Promo Hasn’t Been Confirmed Yet eaMajor leakers from FIFA have suggested that it will indeed return to the game this year.

On December 16, World Cup TOTT will wrap up World Cup Takeover hitting Ultimate Team. The following FIFA 23 promos are expected to be none other than the highly anticipated Winter Wildcards 23 December,

If the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard follows the same rollout schedule as FIFA 22, players should be able to earn tokens when Pomo begins, with the window to submit them for rewards opening a few days later.

What are FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards token swaps?

During the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Promo, it is expected that players will have a chance Collect Swap Tokens by completing challenges, Players can then redeem or swap these tokens for valuable FUT prizes.

The Winter Wildcards swap program in FIFA 22 was appreciated by players and kicked off the swap craze that was previously exclusive to icon swaps. The Ultimate Team players were happy that they had been rewarded for their hard work during the holidays.

Nowadays, swap programs are quite common with the token system in many promos during the FIFA 23 cycle.

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard swaps out potential prizes

EA hasn’t even confirmed a winter wildcard promo yet, let alone a swap program to go with it. Nonetheless, it makes sense that a swap event would come with the Winter Wildcard, considering it’s the promo most closely associated with the concept.

In FIFA 22, there were 25 tokens up for grabs and players can expect almost the same number in FIFA 23. Of course, one swap token will be given to players for free, while the others will be required to complete set challenges.

The Winter Wildcard rewards in FIFA 23 should include several value packs and some Winter Wildcard players.

Don’t forget to check back after the swap schedule is revealed because we’ll tell you how to scoop up each and every Winter Wildcard Swap token to maximize your rewards.

For more information, see our FIFA 23 World Cup Path to Glory upgrade tracker or all the World Cup icons available in Ultimate Team.

Image credits: EA Sports

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