FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards: Expected start date & leaks

The festive FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards promo is returning as Ultimate Team fans are set to receive a ton of holiday-inspired FUT content.

EA likes to give out Ultimate Team promos that match the holiday spirit throughout the month of December. World Cup content is still the focus of FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team, but as the iconic tournament draws to a close, the focus is expected to shift to Winter Wildcards.

Winter Wildcards only made its FUT debut in FIFA 22, yet it’s already a fan-favorite promo. Last year’s winter wildcards included incredible players who dominated the meta like Neymar, Pogba and Kingsley Coman.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Winter Wildcards in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard Expected Start Date

FIFA 23’s Winter Wildcard Promo Is Expected To Begin December 23, 2022, The World Cup Team of the Tournament promo should arrive on December 16 as the final World Cup promo, which means the Winter Wildcards are most likely to start on December 23.

Leakers are suggesting that the winter wildcards in FIFA 23 will actually come in the form of a two-week promo.

What are the Winter Wildcards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

FIFA 23 players can expect stat boosts when they hit the Winter Wildcard items, making them incredibly attractive on the transfer market. In FIFA 22, certain winter wildcards allow players to take an entirely new position.

with ea With the announcement that out of position cards will affect several FUT promos this year, it is safe to expect that the Winter Wildcard will be one of them.

In addition, these Festive cards have also been known to receive a Weak Foot upgrade or to completely replace their dominant Striking Foot.

Is FUTMAS returning in FIFA 23 in Ultimate Team?

Unfortunately for players desperate to see the iconic FUTMAS promo return, it looks like won’t be making its way to FIFA 23,

Winter Wildcards debuted in FIFA 22 and seeing as it’s set to return in FIFA 23, it appears to have become the annual holiday-themed Ultimate Team promo.

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Image credits: EA Sports

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