FIFA 23 Ultimate Team leaks hints at new TOTY ICON cards

TOTY is almost here in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and to celebrate it, a leak is hinting at EA adding brand new TOTY ICON cards to celebrate the annual promotion.

The biggest promo in FIFA each year is undoubtedly the Team of the Year, as players recognized as the best in the world over the past 12 months are rewarded with ultra-powerful cards. FIFA 23 is gearing up for TOTY once again and already fans of the game can vote for their perfect team.

There’s already big news with legendary forward Cristiano Ronaldo missing out on the TOTY vote, but things are heating up even more as a leak has revealed that EA are planning to launch special TOTY ICON cards in conjunction with the event .

ICON cards are exceptionally rare player items that honor the legacy of former footballing legends with different versions of the player representing a particular phase of their career. The stats are usually obscene and packed with 90+ features.

On the other hand, Team of the Year cards celebrate recent achievements and reward the players who have consistently performed well over the past year. Then again, TOTY picks are usually well into the 90s in terms of their ratings, and their cards are highly charged with insane stats.

So a leak related to TOTY ICON cards sounds very exciting and it was Twitter user Fut Scoreboard who broke the news.

In the leaked code, you can see the words “item.raretype155”: “TOTY ICON”. This type of leaked code is usually a sign of things to come and is content to expect Play,

FIFA streamer @MrBristowHD thinks this is a ploy to get Cristiano Ronaldo some kind of special card for the occasion.

Regardless, we expect to see an array of special ICONs who have been a part of many TOTY line-ups over the years, and that could mean the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Dani Alves, Casillas and yes, Ronaldo. GET THE EXCLUSIVE TOTY ICON CARD.

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Image credit: EA

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