FIFA 23 Ultimate Team best wingers: Cheap & meta players

If you’re going to be successful in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you’re going to need quality wingers to help you create chances and shore up the defense. With that in mind, these are the best wingers to dominate the FIFA 23 meta.

Season 2 of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is in full swing, and players are constantly trying to improve their teams. This year, thanks to the new chemistry system, there are more options than ever.

While strikers and defenders are incredibly important, quality on the wings can be a real game-changer. Picking the right players out wide will help you draw defenders out of position and get balls into the box.

So, we’ve put together a guide on the highest-rated, best cheap and meta wingers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team that you should consider adding to your squad.

Best wingers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

When it comes to wingers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, there are a lot of different options, all of which fit different styles of play.

On the one hand, you have slower, more technical players like Jack Grealish who can pick out a pass and create chances. Then, there are explosive wingers like Vinicius Junior who can score runs from the back and give defenders a real problem with his pace.

Once you look towards the top of the rating charts for the most valuable wingers in the game, there are stars who can do all of the above, and more, if you’re willing to spend the coins.

thank you for eaLooking at their ratings, we’ve put together a list of the highest rated wingers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, followed by the best meta wingers excluding icons and the best cheap wingers in the game.

Highest rated wingers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

player name Edition rating place club
Lionel Messi RTTK 94 rw psg
sadio mane RTWC 92 lm Bayern Munich
mohammad salah TOTW 92 rw liverpool
Gareth Bale wc stories 91 rw LAFC
hyung min son RTWC 91 lw Spurs
Vinicius Jr. path to glory 90 lw real madrid
Jack Grealish path to glory 89 lw Manchester City
Phil Foden RTTK 89 lw Manchester City
david ginola foot hero 89 lm league 1
neymar jr Sleep 89 lw psg

It’s always good to secure higher-rated players, but sometimes players with lower overall stats outperform their higher-rated counterparts. FIFA 23’s meta is defined by what players find most comfortable or most beneficial to use in Ultimate Team matches.

Here are the best meta wingers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team:

player name Edition club place rating worth
Vinicius Jr. path to glory real madrid lw 90 3.8 million
david ginola foot hero league 1 lm 89 1.6 million
Lionel Messi RTTK psg rw 94 1.3 million
marcus rashford wc stories manchester united lw 88 950,000
hyung min son RTWC Tottenham lw 91 689,000
sadio mane otw Bayern Munich lm 92 602,000
mohammad salah TOTW liverpool RW 92 410,000
Joe Cole wc hero Premier League lm 88 330,000
Dirk Kuyt wc hero Premier League R M 88 323,000
Antoine otw manchester united RW 86 319,000
Alphonso Davis wc stories Bayern Munich lw 87 238,000

Best cheap wingers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

If your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team journey is just in the early stages, or if you just created a new account and are looking to start from scratch, Cheapest Wingers will help you secure results and save coins.

Check out our picks for the best cheap wingers in FIFA 23 below:

player name club place rating worth
alain saint-maximin Newcastle United lm 81 3,000
Federico Chiesa juventus lw 84 3,900
rafael leo AC Milan lw 84 3,500
warts diabetes bayer leverkusen R M 84 3,200
leroy sane Bayern Munich lm 84 5,100
Eden Hazard real madrid lw 84 3,000
marcus rashford manchester united lw 81 2,000
Wilfred Zaha diamond palace lw 82 1,300
lucas moura Tottenham rw 80 850
kodi gakpo psv lw 83 1,100

Those were the wingers you should consider adding to your squad as you continue your Ultimate Team journey in FIFA 23.

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