FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: Best budget & cheap meta players

While the most expensive FIFA 23 Ultimate Team items are often at the top of the meta, some excellent players are available on the cheap. These are underrated budget beasts that are a steal on the FIFA 23 transfer market.

FIFA 23 has seen a ton of new promos hit Ultimate Team this season and while it’s fun to use the best players in the game, they’re also incredibly tough. Most FIFA players do not have the coins necessary to put together a meta squad of the best players in the game.

Luckily, there are some underrated Ultimate Team players who can reach the same heights as the most expensive players on the transfer market such as Kylian Mbappe, Kevin De Bruyne and Neymar.

Using your FIFA 23 coins wisely and putting together a FUT squad of cheap meta players who punch above their weight is all you will need to go toe-to-toe with the most expensive teams in the game.

While everyone’s version of the cheap in FIFA 23 is different, we’ve put together a list of cards that we think outperform their current market value. Some can be worth over 50,000 coins, while others can be stopped for just 11,000 coins.

majority of ultimate team Fans will find that the following cards are not only accessible, but their responsive and in-game experience will also showcase some of the best meta players around.

player thing Situation Cost
Olivier Giroud wc stories ST, CF 18,000 coins
Ivan Perisic WC Tott LW, LWB, LM 50,000 coins
Antonio Rudiger rare gold cb 17,500 coins
sofian amarbat WC Tott CDM, CM 25,000 coins
ferland mendy rare gold lb, lwb 10,750 coins
edin dzeko rule breakers ST, CF 29,000 coins
denzel dumfries WC Tott RWB, RB, RM 59,500 coins
Seiko Fofana out of office CB, LB, CDM 59,000 coins
kyle walker rare gold rb, rwb 11,500 coins
Emile Smith Rowe rule breakers LM, LW, CAM 27,500 coins

Antonio Rudiger, ferland mendyAnd kyle walker There are three rare gold cards that still feel exceptional in Ultimate Team matches. Despite the fact that these are the basic versions of what came at launch, they are still top tier for those looking to save coins.

both Olivier Giraud And adin zeco Your opponents will be in a lot of trouble in and around the penalty box. Pairing any one of these players with an agile striker who is light on his feet will result in plenty of goals.

During this, denzel Dumfries And Seiko fofna There are a higher price tag, of course, but Ultimate Team players can instead opt for Dumfries’ out of position cards, which are a fraction of the cost.

As the market constantly adjusts with new promos and price fluctuations, we’ll keep you up to date with the cheapest animals you can add to your FIFA 23 squad.

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Image credits: EA Sports

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