FIFA 23 players outraged by secret nerfs to FUT Centurions cards

The promo for FIFA 23 FUT Centurions hyped up some serious Ultimate Team cards, but players have been left confused after several of them unexpectedly went off the air.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has provided players with a steady stream of promos throughout the season, bringing in a new team of exclusive cards almost every week. These juicy items have allowed FUT fans to build some phenomenal teams filled with the biggest names in soccer.

The Team of the Year is coming, the first event of 2023 was the FIFA 23 FUT Centurions, a celebration of players who have been at the top of their game for many years.

However, a few days after FUT Centurion’s second team hit packs, players have noticed that their stats have become unexpectedly weak.

FUT Centurion Team 2 mainstay Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a drastic drop in ability, balance and agility, dropping from 85 to 61, 82 to 58 and 85 to 76 respectively.

Zlatan was not the only card affected, as players have also reported that Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold and PSG’s Marco Verratti have received similar treatment, again with no announcements. ea,

Covert nerfs had a major impact, not only on gameplay, but also on the market value of the cards to anyone looking to sell them. In the hours after the change was noticed, Ibrahimovic fell by 700,000 coins in the FUT market.

FIFA 23 players were understandably furious after the developers changed the stats on cards they already owned in their clubs, as they likely spent real-life money to get hold of them.

“I am so put up with this joke of a company, even if it is a visual bug. It ruins the price,” said DarthRaider666 on Twitter.

“I assume there must be some kind of legal issue with this right?” Nick Prifty agreed. “They advertise a card, people spend money trying to pull up said card, and then they discontinue it?”

It’s worth bearing in mind that this could easily be a mistake on the part of the developer rather than a planned nerf. It can also be a visual glitch, as we’ve seen in the past, that shows incorrect stats without affecting a player’s in-game performance.

EA hasn’t commented on the situation yet, but FIFA 23 players will be hoping the obvious nerfs return soon. Especially those who invested millions of coins and now facing huge loss in FUT market.

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Image credit: EA SPORTS

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