FIFA 23 players furious as scheduled maintenance “ruins” end of season

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players have been left upset when EA decided to drop an immediate scheduled maintenance without warning, leaving many players unable to finalize their progress.

Like other online and live service games like Apex Legends, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, FIFA 23 is divided into different seasons, each with a bunch of content to grind.

Players have a limited number of weeks to complete Season Challenges as well as earn a FREE Season Pass, which includes packs, exclusive cards, and more.

FIFA 23 Season 2 is coming to an abrupt end, however EA has announced a scheduled maintenance status that locks players out, preventing them from playing Ultimate Team for their final day.

FIFA Reddit user rollybison explained how the scheduled maintenance affected them and why they were unhappy: “Again, EA sabotages the end of a season with ‘scheduled’ maintenance. I’m going with my 8 to 1 win for the week.” away, and have played 3 games away from 50 for the season, but EA has just started a scheduled maintenance that will last until the season is over. I specifically set aside tonight to finish these challenges . so frustrating!”

as fifa 23 Players will all be aware, each week players need to win three games to earn the weekly prize, and eight games overall in order to claim a bounty upgrade in Division Rivals. Not only this, but there are also different seasonal rewards for playing so many games during a season.

“It’s so ridiculous that they don’t announce these maintenances a few days in advance. Hell, if it’s a scheduled maintenance, why the fuck would you tell people only a few hours in advance? I’ve already done all the work.” , but still, it’s ridiculous and unfortunately, it’s so EA,” said one irate player.

Clearly, there has been a significant lack of communication between players and devs, and with the introduction of FIFA 23 Season 3, hopefully this should be improved going forward.

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