FIFA 23 players claim gameplay is “ruined” following Lengthy meta nerf

FIFA 23 Title Update 4 introduced a host of nerfs to the overpowering mechanics that used to dominate the notoriously long meta-like matches. However, players have slammed the patch, claiming that it “ruined” FIFA 23 Ultimate Team’s gameplay.

EA Sports has been rolling out regular updates since the release of FIFA 23 in an effort to keep matches as fun and balanced as possible. This includes Nerfing features that players find overpowering and frustrating to use, such as the Trivela Shot.

Since the game debuted back in September, the new AcceleRATE system featured players dominating the meta for a long time as they were much faster than any other acceleration type.

It appears that FIFA 23 Title Update 4 has come with a major nerf for tall players like Haaland and Benzema, but players fear that it has completely screwed up Ultimate Team gameplay.

Reddit user Zimek0609 called the latest patch “the most dog***t update in FIFA history” before sharing a clip of the current state of the gameplay. The nerf for tall players, who tend to be tall with a low speed stat, has seemingly made it impossible to stop fast stars.

The clip shows both players passing the ball to their flamboyant wingers, who can run to the box uncaught due to their sheer pace before attempting a cutback.

Hundreds of players agreed with Wonders24: “I’m trying to play my passing game and someone is running the whole length of the pitch like above. It’s a joke now. Among the goals I concede 95% of wing down is sprint and cut back.

In a separate post, vikingo91anyday argued that Title Update 4 has “ruined” the game and that FIFA 23 is “close to unplayable” in its current state.

Although many players were disappointed with how overpowered long range players were in FIFA 23 before the update, they also enjoyed that slow aim men, who had been unusable in previous years, were now a viable option.

However, fans believe that Title Update 4 has been seen ea Make FIFA 23 matches feel more like previous games in the series.

Another Reddit user said, “FIFA was refreshing and enjoyable to have a title where you could use short and agile players as well as tall and strong players effectively.” “Now, however, we will go back to the old popular players.”

There’s no word yet on when the next FIFA 23 update will arrive, but after such a negative response to Title Update 4, players will be hoping that EA will roll back some of the changes made.

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Image credits: EA SPORTS

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