FIFA 23 OTW upgrade tracker: Ones to Watch upgrades explained

We’ve created a FIFA 23 Ones to Watch tracker that puts OTW players eligible for the upgrade in one place so you can keep track of electrifying cards up for grabs in Ultimate Team.

For months now, Ultimate Team players have been enjoying the new chemistry system in FIFA 23 because it has allowed for interesting squad-building possibilities. For this reason, players draw as many Once to Watch cards as possible.

This One-to-Watch promo highlights the most exciting moves from the summer transfer window and these players deserve some big upgrades. If you’ve packed, bought, or secured any OTW players through SBCs or objectives, you’ll want to track their upgrades.

The OTW Upgrade Tracker shows which players are in line for promotion thanks to real-life performance.

FIFA 23 OTW Upgrade Tracker

Whether you’re looking to track your players’ FIFA 23 upgrade status or you’re looking to kick a few off the transfer market, here’s our one-to-watch tracker with a list of all confirmed upgrades.

Unfortunately, OTW Tyler Adams is the only player who failed to earn the Wins to Watch upgrade. The World Cup upgrade opportunity has also come and gone, which means TOTW upgrades are the only way left.

player name base rating win 3 matches TOTW upgrade win the world cup upgrade rating
Robert Lewandowski 91 3/3 No Yes 93
sadio mane 89 3/3 Yes (1) Yes 92
erling holland 88 3/3 Yes (1) Not Applicable 90
Antonio Rudiger 87 3/3 No Yes 89
Raheem Sterling 86 3/3 No Yes 88
paulo dybala 86 3/3 No Yes 88
matthijs de ligt 85 3/3 Yes (1) Yes 88
frank yannick casey 84 3/3 No Not Applicable 86
angel di maria 84 3/3 No Yes 87
Gabriel Jesus 83 3/3 No Yes 86
nico schlotterbeck 82 3/3 No Yes 86
aurelian tchoumeni 82 3/3 No Yes 86
Darwin Nunez 82 3/3 Yes (1) Yes 87
Antoine 82 3/3 No Yes 86
corentin tolisso 81 3/3 No Yes 86
richardson 81 3/3 No Yes 86
Renato Sanchez 80 3/3 No Yes 85
steven bergwijn 80 3/3 No Yes 85
sergino destination 77 3/3 No Yes 84
Tyler Adams 76 2/3 No Yes 81

FUT Ones to Watch upgrade explained

Live cards eligible for the Once to Watch card upgrade in FIFA 23 and EA Sports OTW will provide upgrades using real life results. There are three methods involved in determining OTW upgrades in FIFA 23 and we’ll list them below.

TOTW upgrade

For starters, “One to Watch” items will upgrade when they Receive performance-based special items such as Team of the Week or Man of the Match, If this is the case, your Once to Watch card will reflect the statistics on the TOTW card.

This means players can earn more than one upgrade through TOTW if a player earns multiple in-form cards in FIFA 23. In addition, if the player meets the requirements for the following two upgrades, they will be stacked on top of the latest TOTW stats. ,

wins to see

The second method was called ‘Wins to Watch’ and involved the player’s club winning home matches. If a player’s club won three of their eight home league matches Until September 30, they will receive a one-time +1 upgrade. Players were eligible for this upgrade regardless of whether they attended the game or not.

nations to watch

The next method was called ‘Nations to Watch’ and also used wins to determine upgrade, but this time players had to watch international play at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The competition began on 20 November, and players whose The nation won a game in the World Cup Received a one-time +1 upgrade.

The player did not need to be in the national team squad to be eligible for the upgrade.

For more information, check out our FIFA 23 Ultimate Team promo calendar, or the best formations and custom strategies for Ultimate Team.

Image credits: EA Sports

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