EA make major change to FIFA 23 FUT Champs rewards & players are delighted

As the new year begins, FIFA 23 players will benefit from improved FUT Champs rewards as they grind through Ultimate Team’s most competitive mode.

FIFA 23 players have long complained about the lack of incentives in the form of valuable Ultimate Team rewards. Division rivals offer little compensation until players reach the upper echelons of the Elite Division.

The only saving grace has been the FUT Champs and it looks like EA is committed to improving the rewards in early 2023. Prior to the changes, FUT Champs already offered the most valuable rewards for players and has become more forgiving over the years.

This bountiful trend is set to continue as players of all skill levels will have the chance to collect better prizes following the welcome change.

The new rewards are set to debut with the first new FUT Champs campaign of 2023 starting on 6 January. EA has added a selection of 84+ players that align with your rank. In other words, the higher your rank, the more players you’ll get in addition to the standard set of FUT Champs rewards.

FIFA 23 FUT Champs rewards receive major upgrade

While only the top players in FIFA 23 will reach the Rank 1 prize, the Advanced Prize has been a welcome surprise for them. FUT Community, Rank 1 rewards may seem out of reach for some, but a trickle-down effect has changed each rank, increasing rewards across the board.

Some players were in disbelief over the rewards of Rank 5, which you can see above: “You don’t get all that for Rank 5.”

A FIFA player responded with “rare ea w”, summarizing the sentiment of this major FUT Champs change, which increases the chances of packing rare promo players via player selection.

The bewilderment of FIFA 23 fans is palpable, with one player explaining: “So they made the rewards even better? What’s going on at EA? WW has been a big W in terms of free content and now this? I am one of the biggest critics, but he has been in class for the last fortnight.

With this welcome new makeover following the successful Winter Wildcards promo of FUT Champs Rewards, expectations are high for the debut of FUT Centurions.

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Image credits: EA Sports

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