Dr Disrespect says Apex Legends is the “hardest shooter” he’s ever played

While playing and complaining about Warzone 2 on stream, Dr. Dishonored praised Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, saying that it is the “most difficult shooter” he has ever played.

It’s no secret that Dr. Dishonor isn’t the biggest fan of Warzone 2, as the streamer has been constantly complaining and criticizing the game since its release.

While the streamer believes the game has a great foundation, Doc has previously said that the devs should take a page out of Respawn Entertainment’s book.

During the final stages of Warzone 1’s lifespan, Dr. Anadar moved to Apex Legends, where he really started to enjoy playing Warzone like NICKMERCS.

Although since the arrival of Warzone 2, the Doctor has been focused on Call of Duty, but during a recent stream, he told his fans that he feels they have a high skill gap. Doc said that Apex Legends is the “hardest shooter game” he’s ever played, right after slamming Warzone 2.

Talking sarcastically about the RPK and Fennec metas, the two weapons that have been dominating as the most popular weapons for some time now, the doc says that Warzone 2 is “done”.

Clip starts at 34:30

ZLaner then states that he has to get off Warzone 2, so dr dishonor says “But where are you going, because I don’t know where I’m going,” hinting at the lack of new multiplayer shooters.

This leads to the two talking about Apex Legends, where ZLaner calls it a “great game”, and the 2x champion agrees. Dr. Dishonor calls it “the hardest shooter game” the streamer has “ever played.”

Doc expands on this, saying that “a lot of skilled players play that game,” suggesting that Apex Legends’ skill gap is much more significant than Warzone 2’s.

The conversation ends as the two talk about returning to Apex Legends to avoid Warzone 2, so perhaps streamers will be back on Respawn battle royale very soon, especially with reports of a delayed Warzone 2 season 2. Will be

For more info, on Warzone 2 Birdseye Perks, Dr. Check out Anadar’s opinion and how he thinks Battlefield can compete with Call of Duty.

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment / Dr. Dishonor

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