Dr Disrespect claims Battlefield BR would be better than Warzone 2

Dr. Disrespect believes that DICE should produce a standalone Battlefield battle royale game, claiming that it would be better than Warzone 2.

Battle royale games continue to dominate the online-FPS genre when Warzone 2 launched and continue to receive hype leading into the Season 1 Reloaded update.

That said, the game has had its issues, and more than half the players on Steam have now stopped playing. While a new update may lure players back, Dr. Dishonor has been voicing his frustration and disappointment with Warzone 2 since its release.

In fact, the doc has now expressed his opinion on what DICE should do with the Battlefield franchise, claiming that a BF battle royale game would be better than Warzone 2.

In the recent stream, dr dishonor Quit Warzone 2 and went on to boast about having “nothing” to play. Shortly after, the 2x champion shared his opinion on what Battlefield should do, saying that DICE should “come out with a standalone game called Battlefield Battle Royale, and make it in a sick-a** big way.” Should make a battle royale game.”

The Doctor then mentions the Battlefield V Firestorm battle royale experience, saying that it was “better than [Warzone 2]”And that” it was more fun.

Doc wants Battlefield “Firestorm 2.0”, saying he was surprised that DICE didn’t lean into the battle royale genre after Firestorm, as he felt “they had something there.”

There have been a lot of rumors about the future of Battlefield, with some leaks even suggesting that a battle royale mode may be in the works for BF2042. Doc has said before that Halo could benefit greatly from battle royale experience.

We’ll have to wait and see what DICE has in store for players in the future, but clearly, the Doctor would like to see a battle royale game to compete with Warzone 2.

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Image credit: DICE / Dr. Dishonor

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