Cheap high-rated players in FIFA 23 FUT: Best SBC fodder

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is constantly adding new SBCs to complete, which can quickly deplete your club of high-rated fodder. Here are the cheapest high rated players for 84 and above in FIFA 23.

The Ultimate Team transfer market in FIFA 23 has a life of its own as the value of players constantly changes. A great way to react to changes in the market is to attract some cheap high-end players to FIFA 23.

New Promo Cards, TOTW Cards and SBCs often affect the market value of FIFA 23 players, so it’s important to pay attention to new releases.

The cheapest players with high ratings make for ideal SBC fodder because you want to meet certain squad rating requirements. Luckily, we’ve compiled the best cheap high-rated players in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team to make finding sniping players from the market a whole lot easier.

Cheapest high rated players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The list of cheap players in FIFA 23 starts with the item that boasts an overall rating of 84. 83-rated players could also prove valuable in completing the SBC as cheap fodder. However, we have decided not to include them in this list as a substantial amount of 83-rated players can be bought for 900 coins.

Once we get to the 84-rated players and beyond, there’s a big difference when it comes to price, which points to the cheapest players.

Some players on this list aren’t exactly considered fodder because they’ll prove valuable in ea games, However, the fact remains that they are the cheapest players available in their respective rating brackets.

Cheapest 84-Rated Players in FIFA 23

player name club worth
lucas hernandez Bayern Munich 3,900
alejandro gomez Seville 3,800
Emiliano Martinez Aston Villa 3,900
Jack Grealish Manchester City 3,900
Mateo Kovacic Chelsea 4,100
joel matip liverpool 3,800
edin dzeko inter Milan 3,800
Thomas Partey armory 3,900
keiran trippier Newcastle United 3,800
Matt Hummels Borussia Dortmund 4,000

Cheapest 85-Rated Players in FIFA 23

player name club worth
Paul Pogba juventus 7,900
patrick schick bayer leverkusen 8,100
pedi barcelona 8,000
nabil fakir real betis 8,200
ilke gundogan Manchester City 8,000
Serge Gnabry Bayern Munich 8,200
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Chelsea 8,000
yan sommer borussia am gladbach 7,900
jamie wardy leicester city 8,200
Iago Espace Celta Vigo 8,000

Cheapest 86-Rated Players in FIFA 23

player name club worth
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic Lazio 14,000
Lautaro Martinez inter Milan 14,400
Raheem Sterling Manchester City 14,000
Thomas Delaney Seville 14,100
head fixed Lazio 14,300
kevin trapp frankfurt 14,200
Dani Parejo Villarreal 14,000
paulo dybala Roma 14,300
milan scrinier inter Milan 14,100

Cheapest 87-Rated Players in FIFA 23

player name club worth
Marco Verratti psg 18,700
David de Gea manchester united 19,000
hugo loris Spurs 18,500
Trent Alexander-Arnold liverpool 18,800
frankie de jong barcelona 18,900
rodri Manchester City 19,000
mike mignon AC Milan 19,200
Thomas Muller Bayern Munich 18,900
Fabinho liverpool 19,300
Antonio Rudiger real madrid 18,600

Cheapest 88-Rated Players in FIFA 23

player name club worth
reuben dias Manchester City 27,500
Marc-Andre Ter Stegen barcelona 27,750
erling holland Manchester City 28,000
Keller Navas psg 27,500
Bernardo Silva Manchester City 27,000
marquinhos psg 27,500
toni kross real madrid 27,700
luka modric real madrid 27,500

Cheapest 89-rated players in FIFA 23

player name club worth
Joshua Kimmich Bayern Munich 37,550
casemiro manchester united 37,750
jan oblak Atletico Madrid 36,500
ederson Manchester City 37,000
Alison liverpool 37,200
hyung min son Spurs 36,500
ngolo forks Chelsea 37,000
sadio mane Bayern Munich 38,000
harry kane Spurs 38,000

Cheapest 90-rated players in FIFA 23

player name club worth
manuel neuer Bayern Munich 46,000
thibaut courtois real madrid 46,500
mohammad salah liverpool 49,000
Cristiano Ronaldo manchester united 68,000
Michael Laudrup icon 48,000
Jean-Pierre Papin hero 57,500

Cheapest 91-rated in FIFA 23

player name club worth
keven de bruin Manchester City 54,000
Karim Benzema real madrid 55,000
Robert Lewandowski barcelona 54,500
Lionel Messi psg 80,000
marco van basten icon 79,000
franco baresi icon 90,000

Cheapest TOTW players for SBC fodder in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

A common requirement for completing popular FIFA 23 SBCs like the Max 87 FUT Hero upgrade is a pricey TOTW card. TOTW items are more expensive than their gold counterparts, which makes selecting the ideal player for your SBC an economical solution.

Not every player on the Ultimate Team has an extra TOTW item lying around with their club, making it necessary to turn to the FIFA 23 transfer market.

Below you’ll find the cheapest TOTW players with an overall rating of between 82 and 89.

player name TOTW rating playstation + xbox market value pc market price
Rami Bensebaini 82 10,500 10,500
Jonathan David 82 10,500 10,750
Anthony Modest 82 10,500 10,500
Franco Armani 82 10,500 10,500
William Carvalho 83 11,000 11,000
joselu 83 11,000 11,250
marcus thurm 84 11,750 12,000
chris smalling 84 12,000 12,000
Willy Orban 84 12,000 13,000
kodi gakpo 85 21,750 23,750
dusan vlahovic 86 23,250 24,500
mason mount 86 23,500 25,500
kevin trapp 87 32,500 33,750
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic 87 34,000 35,750
wojciech szczesny 87 34,000 34,000
toni kross 89 42,500 45,000

To find these players at their lowest possible market value, you’ll want to bid for sniping cards and players with lightning speed.

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