Best Pokemon for Scarlet & Violet Ranked Battle Stadium: Competitive strategies & movesets

Scarlet and Violet provided plenty of new Pokémon to discover, so here are the best Pokémon to use in Battle Stadium mode, ranked.

Some Pokémon fans are still enjoying everything with Scarlet and Violet’s three overarching stories, but there’s so much more to experience.

Ranked Battle Stadium has been accessible since December, and players are climbing the ladder. Seasoned Pokémon trainers will be eager to jump straight into Ranked Pokémon battles in this competitive mode.

Given the competitive nature of the Scarlet and Violet modes, you’ll want to use the best Pokémon available in the Ranked Battle Stadium. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of which Pokémon you should be gearing up for in order to be successful in Ranked Battles.

Best Pokémon to use in Ranked Battle Stadium Mode, Scarlet and Violet

The first ranked season started on 1 December and it list of pokemon As the meta continues to evolve, here’s an overview of the most powerful Pokémon in the game.

We decided to focus only on the new Generation 9 Pokémon, which debuted in Scarlet and Violet. Of course, the Pokémon that debuted in previous games such as Arcane are still going to be a powerful option.

Paradox Pokémon and Treasures of Ruin are banned in Ranked Battles, which is why we decided not to include them in the list.


Annihilape is proving to be one of the strongest new additions to competitive Pokémon battling. Annihilape’s signature move fury fist Becomes overpowered as the move’s power is increased by 50 each time the Pokémon is hit.

This choice scarf The set will surprise Ghost-type threats such as Dragapult and Goldengo. close combat will hurt a ton especially with fighting your type Active.

One of the punch moves will be included in Anyhelp’s coverage. ice punch Ideal for checking for powerful Dragon-type Pokémon.

  • Qualification: neglectful
  • Nature: amusing
  • Thing: choice scarf
  • Tera Type: fighting
  • Moveset: U-Turn / Close Combat / Rage Fist / Ice Punch, Fire Punch or Thunder Punch


pokemon scarlet violet goldengo

Goldengo is an extremely versatile Pokémon and there are several sets that Scarlet and Violet players can take advantage of. good as gold The ability is very strong as it prevents Goldengo from making any positional moves, which mainly means that it cannot be put to sleep with Spore.

Furthermore, Goldengo is probably the best spin blocker in Scarlet and Violet as its ability and typing prevent opponents from using Rapid Spin, Defog, and Mortal Spin. make me cry Packs a major punch that takes advantage of its high Special Attack stat.

When it comes to GoldenGo, players can also consider a heavy dirty plot set.

  • Qualification: good as gold
  • Nature: Coward
  • Thing: choice glasses
  • Tera Type: ghost
  • Moveset: make it rain/thunder/shadow ball/trick


pokemon scarlet violet backcalibur

Baxcalibur is a classic physical attacker and its unique Ice/Dragon typing makes it a powerful Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet. For starters, thermal exchange Will increase his Attack stat by +1 when hit with a Fire-type move.

This makes switching to a fire-type move worthwhile, especially since thermal exchange also prevents Baxcalibur from burning up, thus reducing the threat of Will-O-Wisp. This life orb The set will make all of Baxcalibur’s moves incredibly difficult, despite his average speed stat.

with dragon dance At its disposal, Baxcalibur is one of the best dragon-type sweepers around. You can choose the type of dragon tera to make glaive rush Hit extremely hard or electric terra type to deal with heavy donzo.

  • Qualification: thermal exchange
  • Nature: amusing
  • Thing: life orb
  • Tera Type: Electric or Dragon
  • Moveset: Dragon Dance / Glave Rush / Icicle Spear / Ice Shard or Tera Blast


pokemon scarlet violet glimora

Glimmora is skilled at setting up threats to Scarlet and Violet. it has access stealth Rock And its toxic waste The ability will scatter poisonous spikes across the battlefield when hit by a physical attack.

with adventure nature and focus sash Glimmora can increase its survivability and its 130 base special attack is nothing to scoff at.

  • Qualification: toxic waste
  • Nature: Coward
  • Thing: focus sash
  • Tera Type: grass
  • Moveset: Stealth Rock / Memento / Power Gem / Sludge Wave


pokemon scarlet violet houndstone

thanks to sand rush potential, Houndstone is already receiving ban discussions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. When paired with a Pokémon that sets up Sandstorm with Sand Stream, such as Tyranitar, the Houndstone’s movement speed is doubled.

This not only allows it to outrun a ton of powerful Pokémon but moves last respect One of the most broken new moves in the game. With each fainted Pokémon in your party, Ultimate Honor is increased by 50 power. With only two fainted Pokémon, Last Respects ends up with 150 base power, not to mention choice band Increases this number even more.

  • Qualification: sand rush
  • Nature: firm
  • Thing: choice band
  • Tera Type: dark
  • Moveset: Last Respects, Trick, Play Rough, Tera Blast


pokemon scarlet violet dondojo

Thanks to Tatsugiri’s Commander ability, which boosts all of Dondozo’s stats by +2, this combination is extremely lethal in Double Battles. Donjo is able to hold its own, but when paired with Tatsugiri, it becomes invincible.

wave crash Will deal massive amounts of damage thanks to the increase in stats, and also, the defensive boost of Donjo curse Will make it difficult to take off.

  • Qualification: Stranger
  • Nature: Precaution
  • Thing: Chesto Berry
  • Tera Type: grass
  • Moveset: Wave Crash, Curse, Sleep Talk, Rest


pokemon scarlet violet kingambit

Kingambit is another aggressive Pokémon on this list that hits like a truck in Scarlet and Violet. If you manage to switch to Defog or any other move that lowers one of the Kingambit’s stats, a +2 increase in attack will be granted thanks to neglectful,

This major increase will allow its already massive 135 base attack stat to reach new heights. if you manage to get a dance of swords Off, you have a great shot at sweeping an entire team, especially with Sucker Punch thanks to its low movement speed.

You can opt for a Dark Terra-type to boost your Dark-type moves, or increase Kingambit’s survivability with Flying or Ghost Terra-types that improve resistance to Ground or Fighting-type moves .

  • Qualification: neglectful
  • Nature: firm
  • Thing: Citrus Berry or Life Orb
  • Tera Type: Dark, Flying, or Ghost
  • Moveset: Coveto Cleave, Iron Head, Sucker Punch, Swords Dance

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Image credit: Game Freak / The Pokémon Company

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