Best FIFA 23 Career Mode defenders: Highest OVR & top wonderkids

In FIFA 23’s Career Mode, using an impenetrable defensive wall will make winning titles much easier. We have compiled a list of the best defenders and top wonderkids in career mode.

FIFA 23 players who prefer the single-player mode are drawn to Career Mode to discover the game’s top talent. The realism in FIFA 23 takes things up a notch and managing your favorite club feels as close to reality as possible.

If you want your club to be successful and avoid relegation, you need a solid back line to rely on. The best defenders will save you in tough situations, which is why we’ve listed the best CBs, RBs and LBs you can buy in career mode as well as a crop of the best young defenders in FIFA 23.

Keep in mind that Career Mode player ratings are updated throughout the FIFA 23 cycle. Hence the launch ratings may be different from the current ratings. The ratings below were updated on December 12.

best defender in fifa 23 career mode

The best defenders in FIFA 23 will cost a heavy price, but they will definitely improve your club’s defensive prowess on the pitch immediately.

To buy these superstars, you have to manage a club with a big transfer budget. However, many of these clubs already boast some of the best defenders in FIFA 23.

Taking over Manchester City, for example, could be a dream career mode scenario, as you look to add another top defender. reuben dias And joao cancelo,

player name place age club value salary starting ovr potential OVR
virgil van dijk cb 31 liverpool €70.5 million €220K 89 89
marquinhos cb 28 psg €92 million €170K 88 90
joao cancelo LB 28 Manchester City €82.5M €250K 88 88
reuben dias cb 25 Manchester City €107.5 million €230K 88 91
Kalidou Coulibaly cb 31 Chelsea €54.5 million €175K 87 87
Antonio Rudiger cb 29 real madrid €73.5 million €250K 87 88
Andrew Robertson LB 28 liverpool €72 million €185K 87 87
Trent Alexander-Arnold rb 23 liverpool €100.5M €150K 87 90
david alaba cb 30 real madrid €55.5M €220K 86 86
milan scrinier cb 27 inter Milan €68.5 million €105K 86 87

Best young defender in FIFA 23 Career Mode

Best young defender if you want to avoid the world’s elite clubs because you prefer a greater challenge fifa 23 Will definitely add a lot of value to your career mode experience.

These wonderkids should be cheap for most clubs, and with a little patience and playing time, you can develop them into the next best defenders in FIFA 23.

The list includes five full-backs and five centre-backs. You have to identify which part of your back row needs a youthful surge of energy.

player name place age club value salary starting ovr potential OVR
Antonio Silva cb 21 benfica €5M €2.5K 72 87
giorgio scalvini cb 18 atlanta €3.5M €6K 70 85
mickey van de van cb 21 wolfsburg €7M €21K 73 85
tengui nianzhou cb 20 Seville €7M €13 thousand 73 85
malo gusto rb 19 Lyon €11.5 million €24K 75 85
Tino Liveramento rb 19 southampton €11.5 million €22K 75 85
Kelvin Bassey LB 22 ajax €12 million €12K 75 85
Simo cb 17 espanyol €1.8 million €500 67 85
Quentin Merlin LB 20 FC Nantes €3.7 million €9 thousand 70 84
Devine Ranch rb 19 ajax €8.5M €6.7K 74 84

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