Battlefield 2042 Battle of Nordvik event: Start date, game modes, rewards

Battlefield 2042 dev Dice has revealed the Battle of Nordvik event in Season 3, bringing new game modes and special rewards over three weeks.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 is in full swing, bringing the game to Xbox Game Pass and introducing a new specialist, Spearhead map, and new weapons. The classic class system is set to return in the new year, and DICE has included a new event to keep players busy over the holidays.

The Battle of Nordvik event takes place over three weeks, introducing the Nordvik Control Corps and Black Storm factions, giving players a new game mode and rewards to unlock each week.

Here’s everything to know about the Battlefield 2042 Battle of Nordvik event, including the schedule, game modes, and rewards.

Battlefield 2042 Nordvik event start and end date

battlefield 2042 Battle of Nordvik Incident will last three weeks Begins December 20, 2022 and ends January 10, 2023,

Each week of the Battle of Nordvik event will bring a new game mode and special rewards to earn.

battlefield 2042 battle of nordvik event game mode schedule

The Battle of Nordvik event will bring three different game modes – Conquest Assault, Retribution, and Breakthrough Chaos – to Battlefield 2042 Season 3’s Spearhead map, rotating each week.

Here’s the game mode schedule for Battlefield 2042’s Battle of Nordvik event.

  • Victory Attack: December 20-27
  • the revenge: December 27 – January 3
  • Decisive Chaos: January 3-10

victory attack There is a returning battlefield mode where the defending team begins by capturing all objectives and the attackers must capture these objectives. If the attackers control every flag, they win the round.

resistance Nordvik is a new mode for event battles, with this 16v16 mode “combining the elements of Conquest, Success and Rush into a single mode where raiders battle their way towards the frontline, securing objectives along the way.”

Pushing enemies back to the final objectives will trigger the classic Rush mode where raiders must destroy M-Coms around the facility.

And finally, decisive chaos has taken the standard Battlefield 2042 mode and ramped up the chaos, adding up to 128 players, faster turn speeds, faster respawn times and faster vehicle call-ins.

Keep in mind that 128 players is only supported on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, so last-gen console players will play the mode with 64 players.

Battlefield 2042 Battle Of Nordvik Event Rewards

The Battle of Nordvik event of Battlefield 2042 brings cosmetic rewards to earn, free items to claim, as well as brand-new store bundles to purchase. Rewards can be earned by getting ribbons in each week’s game mode, and be sure to visit the store to claim free items.

Here are all the items available in the Battle of Nordvik event.

nordvik event week 1 prize fight

battlefield 2042 nordvik week 1 prize fight

gameplay award

  • 5 Ribbons – Epic “Raider” Headgear For Sundance
  • 12 Ribbons – The epic “Revelation” weapon skin for the MP9
  • 20 Ribbons – Epic “Death” Costume For Casper

free store items

  • Rare “Watchmen” costume for Crawford
  • Epic “Bastion” headgear for Crawford

Epic Twilight Strike Store Bundle – 2400 Battlefield Coins

  • “Pandemic” costume for Falk
  • “Battle” costume for Mackay
  • “Famine” organization for Lis
  • “Doomsday” weapon skin for BSV-M
  • “Doomsday” weapon skin for PBX-45
  • “Chromite” Weapon Skin for AC-42
  • “Pale Horse” vehicle skin for M1A5

nordvik event week 2 prize fight

battle of battlefield 2042 nordvik week 2 prizes

gameplay award

  • 5 Ribbons – Epic “Bastion” Headgear for Falk
  • 12 Ribbons – Rare “Marauder” outfit for Mackey
  • 20 Ribbons – Epic “Overseer” Costume for the Irish

free store items

  • Rare “Marauder” outfit for Falk
  • Epic “Raider” Headgear for Falk

Epic Nordvik Gunner Store Bundle – 1400 Battlefield Coins

  • “Archangel” Dress for Sundance
  • “Bulwark” costume for Boris
  • “Atomizer” Weapon Skin for VCAR
  • “Incendiary” weapon skin for PBX-45
  • “Facehead” Weapon Skin for the SWS-10

nordvik event week 3 prize fight

battle of battlefield 2042 nordvik week 3 prizes

gameplay award

  • 5 ribbons – rare “watchman” rare outfit for Angel
  • 12 Ribbons – Epic “Hell Fire” Weapons Skin for the MCS-880
  • 20 ribbons – epic “thermobaric” vehicle skin

free store content

  • Rare “Watchmen” costume for Casper
  • Epic “Bastion” Headgear for Casper

For more on what’s coming with Battlefield 2042, be sure to check out Everything We Know About the Season 4 Update.

Image credit: DICE / EA

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