Apex Legends World’s Edge map set for major changes according to leaks

According to the leak, Apex Legends World’s Edge map is set for some big changes, including the destruction of the famous Streamer building and a new town takeover for Watson.

Apex Legends Season 15 brought a new map for Battle Royale, but now that players have had enough time to experience Broken Moon and the new Legend Catalyst, the community is looking forward to future updates and content.

Apex Legends World’s Edge Battle Royale map is a favorite of fans, Fragment East and West POIs are one of the most popular hot drop spots in all of Apex Legends.

That said, the devs are looking to make some drastic changes to the map, including a change to the iconic “streamer building”.

We already had leaks suggesting the arrival of a new assault rifle and the removal of arenas in Season 16, but now leaker Thordon is reporting big changes for Smash World’s Edge.

According to thorn smash, players should “thoroughly enjoy Apex Legends World’s Edge,” as the map could be making some big changes soon. World’s Edge is one of three maps currently in the Season 15 rotation, so players still have time to play it.

Thorndon points out that Apex Legends’ World’s Edge portends a potential change, saying that from what he’s heard, “the piece will be updated and that streamer will go to the building.”

Fragment on World’s Edge is easily one of the most popular POIs in all of Apex Legends. The location has become iconic, especially the building which has been coined the “streamer building” by the community, due to its high activity and potential for incredibly great plays, which streamers often take advantage of for highlights.

Furthermore, the leaker also states that a town takeover is coming at World’s Edge, which will be for Watson. Thorndon says the “planned town-takeover for Watson” will change the Lightning Rod POI to Storm Point.

Storm Point is not currently in the map rotation for Season 15, so if the leaks are accurate, we expect this change to be rolled out in Season 16, when the map returns from a season-long hiatus.

None of these leaks have been confirmed, so take this information with a pinch of salt. We’ll be sure to keep you updated when Respawn Entertainment officially announces any changes to World’s Edge or New Town Takeover.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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