Apex Legends players outraged with “terrible” Private Match requirement

Apex Legends players are not at all happy with the recent announcement of private match requirements, which has caused a massive backlash.

The Apex Legends Spellbound Collection event in Season 15 brought battle royale back to life with some new content such as Legacy of the Seer, the introduction of private matches for all players, and the return of Control.

Unfortunately, those hoping for private matches to become a public feature are stuck by one of the mod’s requirements, which the community is reacting to heavily.

While many thought that Apex Legends’ private match feature would allow them to start matches with just a small party of close friends, it has been shot down by the devs. He announced that a minimum of 30 players would be required for private matches.

This has angered many people, with the comments below feedback ‘Announcement expressing disappointment. “Not really personal if I need another 29,” one comment said, while another called it a “terrible decision.”

Apex Legends content creator MockSniper also dubbed the announcement as “huge F”, as they were hoping that Private Match would provide them with “movement training… exploration to study the map” and a place for 1v1s. will allow.

All that said, players can enjoy private matches thanks to Arenas, which require up to six players. However, this limits players to the arenas format, which is not as free-flowing or large as the battle royale mode.

We’ll have to wait and see if anything changes with Apex Legends private match requirements in the future, as many in the community seem unhappy.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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