Apex Legends players call for gifting system to be removed after “stealing money”

The Apex Legends community is frustrated with the gifting system in Season 15, claiming the feature is broken and stealing money from players.

Apex Legends has a massive player base that continues to grow with content updates such as new seasons and the upcoming Lunar New Year Collection event.

Since its release, Respawn Entertainment has been dedicated to continually developing Apex Legends and making changes that make sense and make the community happy. Apex Legends has many great features introduced on the back of community comments, such as an in-game damage counter and the ability to rejoin the game.

Unfortunately, not all of these community-requested features hit the ground running once they were introduced, as the gift system brought to Apex Legends in Season 15 has left players disgruntled.

Several players have reported that this new gifting system, which allows players to purchase cosmetic items for others, is broken and “stealing money.”

reddit user machcheesy10 claims that he attempted to gift a “Pathfinder skin” to his friend a month ago and never received it. In disbelief, they then tried to gift a cheaper item, which also did not work, making them feel as if the gods were “stealing money.”

They’re not the only ones reporting the problem, as others in the comments are expressing similar frustration with the “useless” gifting system. One user says that “it’s been months still no solution,” while another comment says the feature “never” worked, and “never will.”

While this issue is ongoing, and players are indeed paying money for a service that isn’t working, popular Apex Legends content creator Thordon Smash believes that Respawn Entertainment should “get the gifting system out of its way”. Should be removed until fixed.”

Ultimately, this will prevent players from “losing their money” because those who want to use the feature are still unaware that it is not working.

What further complicates the situation is that some players are actually claiming that the gifting feature is working for them, as a comment under Thorndon’s post said, “Fortunately It works for me every time.”

This makes it even more unclear as to why the feature isn’t working, and for those who want to use it, it’s almost like a lottery as to whether it will work or not.

As we are now into the new year, we expect a lot of changes for Apex Legends as the gods return from the holiday break. We’ll keep you updated on all things Apex, including any updates regarding the gifting system.

For now, check out our guide to Apex Legends Season 16, including its start date and potential new Legends.

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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