Apex Legends players blast devs for “insane greed” as reactive event skin fails to impress

Apex Legends players not happy with Celestial Sunrise Collection event, disappointed with Reactive Peacekeeper skin.

Apex Legends devs have ramped up their efforts in communicating with the player base, offering detailed breakdowns of the skill-based matchmaking system and explaining Horizon Shadow nerfs.

That said, the community is dissatisfied with the game’s content. Despite the dev’s announcement of another collection event with a new LTM and more, players are criticizing his intentions as greedy.

The Celestial Sunrise Collection event is set to drop right after the end of the Spellbound event, which will feature a Hardcore LTM and another set of cosmetics. Usually, these events bring either a new legacy or legendary skin, but with this event, the devs have decided to introduce a reactive weapon skin for Peacekeeper.

This has caused some major backlash with the community on Reddit, with Reddit users expressing their disappointment as Android Turns out that skin is just an expensive color. Skin Season 3 Peacekeeper Battle Pass Skin is the color of Frostbite.

Players pointed out that one Battle Pass skin is a huge difference compared to the $160 value of the 24 Item Collection event reward.

The argument is that this reactive “Jadeite Retribution” is “too far away” from the Peacekeeper Skin Heirloom and Mythic Skin, which are unique items, not just recallers.

Others seem to agree, and with rumors suggesting there will be an heirloom colorway to be sold for an “event in March,” one user describes the devs’ actions as “insane greed.”

They further clarify their opinion, as they state that the devs “know the game is nearing its end … and are milking the players as much as possible.”

We’ll have to wait and see how accurate this is, but if it is, the community isn’t too impressed.

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