Apex Legends player discovers secret Seer nerf that gives away his location

An Apex Legends player has discovered yet another secret nerf not mentioned in the Season 15 Spellbound Collection event that has affected Seer.

Respawn Entertainment has come under criticism recently because the Apex Legends community is not satisfied with the way it communicates with the playerbase.

The devs seem to have recognized this, releasing a blog detailing how the current skill-based matchmaking system works, and how to improve it with a new system in the future.

However, players have found yet another secret nerf not mentioned in the patch notes, which sparks similar feelings of disbelief.

In the Apex Legends Spellbound Collection event update, players noticed changes to Horizon that weren’t mentioned in the patch notes. The devs have since acknowledged that this change was not intended to be introduced in the final game, but it looks like players have found another one for Seer, this time around.

Apex Legends Seer Shadow Nerf

apex legends player sven Saw a difference in Seer’s passive ability, Heart Seeker. This ability is considered one of Recon Legend’s most powerful, as it allows Seer to easily track enemies and uncover their location.

Now, in Season 15, it looks like the devs have secretly made the audio for this passive ability much louder, allowing enemies to hear that they’re being tracked more effectively than ever before. .

Sven explains that while the Seer’s Heart Seeker ability previously made a noise, the sound is now much louder, making it easier to know when the Seer is using his passive.

In response, a player in the comments of the Twitter post says that similar to Horizon’s nerfs, this may also be a change that “should have been in S16” but was quickly fleshed out. They also beg the question “what else changed,” as players seem to discover new unannounced changes every week.

The devs quickly reverted Horizon’s Gravity Lift nerf, so perhaps something similar will happen with this Shadow nerf for Seer’s passive. We’ll have to wait and see, but if this is another nerd for Season 16, then Recon Legend is definitely in trouble.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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