Apex Legends Olympus map removed in January 19 playlist update

Apex Legends players were encountering persistent error messages, and this led to Respawn Entertainment removing the Olympus map from rotation in the January 19th playlist update.

The Apex Legends community has encountered several errors that have interfered with their enjoyment of the game, including the “UI images ran out of room” error message which was causing crashes.

Now, it appears that the root of the problem has been the Olympus map, and Respawn Entertainment dropped a playlist update on January 19th to address this frustrating issue.

After assuring the players that top legends The team is currently investigating the “UI images ran out of room” error message, Respawn Entertainment confirmed that they are removing Olympus from map rotation.

The devs tweeted: “We’ve gone ahead and pushed a playlist update that removes Olympus from rotation and replaces it with World’s Edge. This allows us to work around this issue without affecting gameplay.” will be allowed to continue.”

In this tweet, the developers didn’t provide any details on when exactly Olympus will make its return to map rotation. It is expected to come back as soon as the “UI images ran out of room” error message issue is resolved.

It’s not clear exactly how Olympus Map was popping up this error message for players, but the name of the error means that the map’s assets were unable to load properly by the players’ system.

This will come as a disappointment to Olympus fans who were hoping for a few matches in the map. We will keep checking for any further updates regarding this and will notify you when the map is back.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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