Apex Legends Mobile players slam EA for denying refunds

Following the announcement that Apex Legends Mobile would be discontinued, the community was furious to learn that EA would not be offering refunds for in-game purchases.

Apex Legends Mobile brings the fun of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale title to handheld devices, and this version of the game includes exclusive characters and content like Solo Playlists.

While it initially seemed like the title would be the flagship mobile game for EA and Respawn Entertainment, it has been confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile is being discontinued. He also revealed details about the cancellation.

Following this announcement, the developers confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile players would not be given a refund for any in-game purchases they made, despite the game’s cancellation.

The fact that players won’t be getting refunds hasn’t sat well with the community, and several users expressed their frustration with the developers for this decision in the Apex Legends subreddit.

one in Thread Regarding this announcement, a Reddit user commented: “Them not offering refunds on their failed product really exposes their greed and lack of love for us players.” Another player said: “I feel for anyone who put money in [Apex Legends Mobile],

Some players pointed out that Epic Games is allowing anyone playing Rumbleverse to receive a full refund because the game is shutting down, showing a contrast. The sentiment in the formula was that “closure within one year should be a partial refund by law.”

The community is demanding that the developers give refunds to players, with one user commenting: “I don’t care about the game being shut down or anything, but they should at least do something for the people who actually dropped the money.” [Apex Legends] Mobile.”

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether EA and Respawn Entertainment plan to address these complaints. We’ll keep checking for further developments on this and will be sure to update you as soon as anything changes.

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