Apex Legends leaker claims there will be no new character in Season 16

Apex Legends Season 16 might be a departure from the tradition with the seasonal updates of the game as leaks suggest that no new characters will be added.

Since Apex Legends debuted back in 2019, the battle royale shooter has made a point of adding a new Legend to the fray with every seasonal update.

Most recently, Season 14 added Vantage, and Season 15 welcomed Catalyst to Respawn Entertainment’s hero shooter.

It looks like there may be a bit of a break after a well-known Apex leaker teased out some content coming to Apex Legends Season 16, but made no mention of a new Legend entering the fray.

ThordenSmash has become a trusted name in the Apex community when it comes to leaks and datamining. So players believe in the user’s information and think that the news of no additional heroes is entirely plausible.

According to a Reddit post that captured a bunch of details from Thorden, Apex Legends Season 16 will have “no new Legends” and will instead involve “Legend buffs and nerfs”. [a] Lifeline Buff” and Lifeline Buff will drop the character’s Care Packages much faster than before.

The lack of a new legend was met with a very minimal backlash, which is an interesting aspect in itself. But players became more concerned with the really obvious Season 17 Legend, as well as reports that Control is replacing Arenas.

“Ballistic S17 is legend, old name was Calibre,” said one player, and another commented: “I’d be okay with the controls being permanent. I figured that was their gameplan after all as they made a lot of game Mode-specific voice lines and the like for this.

With the very early talk of Season 23, there’s a lot of information to digest, and based on previous leaks from ThordanSmash, though we’d advise taking the information with a pinch of salt, don’t be surprised to see it come to fruition.

If you’ve been interested in much more Apex Legends news, the devs recently addressed the long-standing rumors of cross-progress in the game, and World’s Edge is reportedly in for some seismic changes.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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