Apex Legends leak reveals new Date Night LTM

Apex Legends leaks have revealed a new LTM coming to the game in Season 15 known as Date Knight. Here are all the leaked details.

Apex Legends has just released another Collection event for Season 15, Spellbound, which not only brings a plethora of new cosmetics and Seer’s Heirlooms, but also the return of the Control LTM.

Speaking of LTM, the new update provided dataminers with code to dig into and uncover future content, one of which is a brand new LTM that could be coming soon.

The leaked Apex Legends LTM is titled Date Night, and it just might be the perfect way to approach Valentine’s Day, so here are all the leaked details we know about it.

Apex Legends Date Night LTM leak date

According to iLootGamesApex Legends Date Night Could Be Coming To LTM February 7, 2023, during the next collection event of Season 15, which has been leaked as “Celestial Sunrise”.

It makes sense considering the LTM is Valentine’s Day themed, which takes place on February 14th. We suspect this mode will be around for two weeks starting February 7th, but these are just leaks and speculations, so take it all with a pinch of salt.

We’ll be sure to update this piece when official news is released regarding this new Apex Legends Date Night LTM, so stay tuned.

Apex Legends Date Night LTM Leaked Details

Apex Legends Date Night LTM Looks To Be A Duos Mode With A “Special Twist”. In this version of the duet, there will be a “Unique Medical Mechanics” When you use an item that restores health or shield, your companion heals as long as you are close enough to them.

Apex Legends Date Night LTM will also feature a Limited time weapon called “The Heart Seeker”. This weapon is a bow that functions similarly to the Bosek, but a fun apex-twist on Cupid’s bow “When you deal damage to an enemy legend, it also heals any allies around you.”

This is not the recently leaked Apex Legends LTM, as it seems that the devs have been inspired by Call of Duty to make a hardcore LTM.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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