Apex Legends Heirloom recolors coming soon according to leaks

According to the leak, Apex Legends character Wraith could be the first to get his heritage color.

The Apex Legends Heirloom is a coveted and rare in-game item that most players will want to get their hands on, especially for their main. In Season 15 of Battle Royale, there are a total of 16 legacies, including Seer’s latest addition to the Spellbound Collection event.

While many are still waiting for their favorite Legend to receive an Apex Legends Heirloom, some have for quite a few seasons now, especially with the first Heirloom they ever dropped, the Wraith’s Kunai.

Those who have been enjoying its legacy for some time now will be hoping for more customization options, and luckily, according to the leak, those may be coming in the near future.

Renowned Apex Legends dataminer SomeHulicks has revealed an in-game code that suggests that Wrath’s Legacy may soon be repainted.

no leaks revealed more details about the code in the comments, adding that it’s the code that points to a new “texture” for Wraith’s kunai heirloom. The leaker reveals that the phrase “rt01” in the code stands for “Re-Theme #1”.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Heirloom’s Legend and similar color changes to weapon skins, as previous leaks and rumors have also hinted at the feature coming in the future.

Fellow dataminer Biast12 backed up the claims, and even suggested that the Wraith’s Heirloom recolor would get a “purple version”.

Keep in mind that none of this information is from Respawn and Heirloom Recallers are just leaks, but we’ll be sure to update this piece as soon as we have any official information from the devs, so stay tuned.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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