Apex Legends devs announce new skill-based matchmaking system for “fairer matches”

The Apex Legends matchmaking team provided players with an insight into how SBMM works in the battle royale game and outlined the details of a new matchmaking system.

Despite the new content in the Apex Legends Spellbound Collection event update, the way devs are communicating with the player base has left many players in the community frustrated.

Players wish that the devs were more transparent about the matchmaking system, however, that is changing.

On January 17, Respawn Entertainment released a blog providing a “matchmaking update”, revealing incredible details about the way matchmaking currently works in Apex, as well as how they intend to improve it in the future. Huh.

One of the biggest problems players have with the current matchmaking system is that it is inconsistent when playing with higher or lower ranked friends. Respawn revealed that currently, Apex matches players with the highest skill-rated player in the party, which of course creates problems when playing with friends who aren’t at the same skill level.

This causes players to use Smurf accounts to smooth out their experience when playing with friends, which clearly shouldn’t be the case.

To help with this issue, Respawn has announced that they are “working towards building better matches than they are today as you play with friends of different skill levels.”

New Apex Legends Skill-Based Matchmaking System

To do this and more, Respawn is Retiring the “Old Skill Based Matchmaking” System for a New OneWhich they say will more accurately group players by skill.

While the former matchmaking system “classified players into four discrete (including one for the new player) skill buckets,” the new system has been described as “more granular” with “many more buckets”.

Respawn believes this new system will “allow the matching algorithm to make better decisions when placing players in matches” for both public matches and ranked, but we’ll have to wait and see.

If you want more detailed information on the current matchmaking system and how it works, as well as new ones, make sure you check out EA’s Blog,

When will this new Apex Legends matchmaking system go live?

Respawn hasn’t provided an official date for when this new system will be released, as some of the changes have already gone live “in some regions and modes for testing.”

The old matchmaking system will be gradually phased out, but the new, assessed “region by region”, will go along. Lastly, players will get to experience a completely new matchmaking system that delivers a better-than-expected experience.

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Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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