Apex Legends Celestial Collection Event leaked: Reactive weapon skin, new LTMs, more

A new Apex Legends Collection event has leaked, and it could be coming in Season 15. Here’s everything we know about the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection event.

The Apex Legends Spellbound update has provided players with a bunch of new content, from the return of control to the introduction of private matches, which unfortunately have some pretty strict requirements.

The update also gave dataminers new code to dig into, revealing a plethora of content to come, including the next big event.

Prominent Apex Legends leaker iLootGames has revealed the next collection event coming to the game called Celestial Sunrise, so let’s get into all the details.

Apex Legends Celestial Collection event start date leaked

Apex Legends Celestial Collection event is said to be coming, according to leaks January 24, 2023during season 15.

This means that the next Apex Legends Collection event could come when Spellbound ends, which is something that hasn’t happened in Apex before. With the collection events happening one after the other it seems like it could happen, but remember these are just leaks so take all of this information with a pinch of salt.

Apex Legends Celestial Collection event skin leaked

Like any Apex Legends Collection event, Celestial 24 will come with new cosmetic items, but instead of an heirloom or mythic skin to unlock, this time it’s a reactive weapon skin.

This is the first time we’ve seen a reactive weapon skin as the main prize for the Apex Legends Collection event, and it looks like it’ll be in for peacemaker, This Reactive Peacekeeper skin will be called “Jadeite Retribution” and will also include a Weapon Charm and Holospray to complete the set.

iLootGames The event also revealed 24 cosmetic items and skins, showcasing legendary and epic legend and weapon skins for the following:

legend skins

  • Ashes – Opalescent Serpent (Legendary)
  • Katu – Lion Guard (Legendary)
  • octane – Lucky Rabbit (Legendary)
  • stitcher – Dragon Warrior (Legendary)
  • Watson – Operative Aquamarine (Epic)
  • newcastle – Jade Fortress (Epic)

weapon skins

  • wingman – Serpent’s Fang (Legendary)
  • devotion – Dragon’s Breath (Legendary)
  • Walt – Pay It Forward (Legendary)
  • hemlock – Ornate Dragon (Legendary)

The Apex Legends Celestial Collection event will also include a rewards tracker with free items to earn, including an epic R-99 skin. As we currently have no official information on the same, we will make sure to update this piece with all the details as they become available.

New Apex Legends LTM

Leaks revealed that Respawn is preparing to introduce two new LTMs in the future, and according to iLootGames, the Celestial Collection event will see both. New as well as leaked launch of Celestial Collection event on January 24 hardcore ltm has also been told to present.

Two weeks later, leak points date night ltm Coming February 7th, which is also during this new Celestial Collection event.

For more information on both of these new LTMs, be sure to check out our dedicated pieces on both below:

That’s it for now, but we’ll make sure to update this piece as soon as there is official confirmation about the event. For more information on Apex Legends, check out the most popular Legends currently available and Horizon’s secret nerfs.

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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