All FIFA 23 World Cup Icon ratings & how to get them in Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 players have the chance to secure the World Cup icon during the ongoing Ultimate Team event celebrating the historic tournament. Here’s what to expect, including how to get the World Cup icon in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 players are enjoying the World Cup content, which impressed Ultimate Team as a great tournament. As the World Cup draws closer, FUT fans will be able to add some valuable cards to their squad through promos, free rewards and SBCs.

The campaign icon will be the first instance in FIFA 23 at a World Cup event. These enhanced icon cards are meant to honor players whose legacies are linked to the World Cup.

Here’s everything you need to know about the World Cup icons in FIFA 23, including their release date, rating, and how to get them.

fifa 23 world cup icon release date

FIFA 23 World Cup icons make their way to Ultimate Team ON Friday, November 25, The World Cup emblems were the first example of campaign emblems we’ve seen in FIFA 23, and they arrived as a bonus promo during the World Cup event.

Team 1 arrived on November 25, and Team 2 battled Ultimate Team a week later. Friday, December 2,

What are FIFA 23 World Cup icons and how to get them

because the world cup will be icons FIFA 23 available in packs across promosThey will replace their base and mid versions.

The concept will be similar to the World Cup FUT Heroes promo that was previously active with Path to Glory in Ultimate Team.

While most packs and transfers will be available in the market, Some World Cup icons will only be available through SBC and objectives, There’s no doubt that SBCs will be incredibly expensive given the stature of the cards, while the objectives should be difficult to meet.

Players will also have a chance till January 4 Redeem World Cup icons through the Swap Program, Football legends Patrick Vieira and Cafu are up for swapping 40 and 30 World Cup tokens, respectively.

all fifa 23 world cup icons and ratings

everyone fifa 23 world cup icon will boast an overall rating that is in between their mid and prime versions. Essentially, World Cup Icons are the second highest rated Icon card you can earn after Prime Icons.

For example, Prime Vieira has a rating of 91 and Base Vieira has a rating of 88, which explains his World Cup Icon rating of 90.

While Prime Icons will boast a higher overall rating, World Cup Icons may have higher individual attributes or a unique increase in Weak Foot or Skill Moves ratings.

Here are all the World Cup icons available in FIFA 23 so far.

player name Nation place rating cost
Pele Brazil CF 96 5,475,000 coins
Zinedine Zidane France cam 95 3,460,000 coins
Ronaldo Brazil scheduled tribe 95 9,195,000 coins
kafu Brazil rb 92 30 World Cup Swap Tokens
eusebio Portugal CF 92 3,700,000 coins
Johan Cruyff Netherlands CF 92 3,799,000 coins
bobby moore england cb 91 175,000 coins
emilio butragueno spain scheduled tribe 91 1,060,000 coins
luis figo Portugal rw 91 1,000,000 coins
Patrick Vieira France cm 90 40 World Cup Swap Tokens
Bastian Schweinsteiger Germany cm 90 SBC
Peter Czech Check gk 90 189,000 coins
Miroslav Klose Germany scheduled tribe 90 95,000 coins
Didier Drogba Ivory Coast scheduled tribe 90 720,000 coins
Robin van Persie Netherlands scheduled tribe 90 SBC
Michael Laudrup Denmark cam 90 68,000 coins
hernan crespo Argentina scheduled tribe 89 187,000 coins
Emmanuel Petit France cdm 89 385,000 coins
Gianluca Zambrotta Italy rb 88 476,000 coins
Roberto Carlos Brazil LB 91 1,195,000 coins
Andrey Shevchenko ukraine scheduled tribe 90 171,000 coins
Laurent Blanc France cb 90 424,000 coins
Samuel Eto’o cameroon scheduled tribe 91 3,893,000 coins
casillas spain gk 90 225,000 coins
Roberto Baggio Italy cam 92 434,000 coins
luis hernandez Mexico scheduled tribe 88 400,000 coins

For more information, see our FIFA 23 World Cup Path to Glory upgrade tracker or how to earn World Cup end of event rewards in Ultimate Team.

Image credit: EA Sports / Footbin

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