All FIFA 23 TOTY Icons: Release date & Team 1 leaked

FIFA 23 leaks reveal that new items called TOTY Icons will be making their way to Ultimate Team during the Team of the Year promo. Let’s take a look at when these cards will arrive as well as take a look at all the TOTY Icons that have been leaked so far.

EA may have a few surprises up its sleeve when it comes to the highly anticipated FIFA 23 TOTY. Every year, the Ultimate Team promo steals the spotlight with some of the highest rated cards.

However, this year, leaks have suggested that FIFA 23 players may receive TOTY marks in addition to the regularly scheduled TOTY squad and TOTY 12th man.

Emblems are already the most sought after Ultimate Team item and the TOTY Edition will take it up a notch. Here are all the leaked TOTY icons revealed so far, as well as when they might make it to FIFA 23.

When are TOTY Icons coming to FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 leaker FutSheriff reveals TOTY Icons will Arrive during Team of the Year promo, tap promo Starting Friday, January 20th. If players are lucky TOTY Icons may accompany the team on day one.

The sheriff also said that there is likely to be a TOTY Icon Team 1 And team 2 release. Given the potent nature of these cards, it’s only natural to expect a smaller release of six to eight TOTY icons per team.

All Leaked FIFA 23 TOTY Icons Coming To Ultimate Team

Prominent FIFA leakers DonkTrading and FutSheriff revealed some of the names that are expected to make their way into FIFA 23 as TOTY Icons.

His list of FIFA 23 TOTY Icons was almost identical. However, Donk included Xabi Alonso and Hugo Sánchez, while Sheriff did not. We’ll have to wait and see who makes the official list of TOTY Icons when the item comes out with the Team of the Year promo.

  • ronaldinho – Brazil – CAM
  • Rude Gullit – Netherlands – Chief Minister
  • Edwin van der Sar – Netherlands – GK
  • David Beckham – England – RM
  • Ashley Cole – England – LB
  • alessandro nesta – Italy – CB
  • Andrea Pirlo – Italy – Chief Minister
  • Claude Makelele – France – CDM
  • Robert Pires – France – LM
  • gerd muller – Germany – ST
  • Hugo Sanchez – Mexico – ST
  • xabi alonso – Spain – CDM
  • xavier zanetti – Argentina – RB
  • nemanja vidik – Serbia – CB

While players will certainly be excited to receive TOTY icons for meta icons like Gullit and Ronaldinho, it will be interesting to see if these new cards can make an impact on less popular icons.

Icons like Pirlo, Beckham and newly added Xabi Alonso could lead to their upgrades in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team meta.

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Image credits: EA Sports

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