5 things that desperately need to change in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA Sports FC will represent a major change in the annual release of 24 football games, and as EA continues to battle the footballing behemoth, we lay out 5 things that need to change in the game’s Ultimate Team mode moving forward.

Whether it’s called FIFA or EA Sports FC, the fact remains that EA will still produce a football simulation game that’s bound to find the top bin as it always does. The strike may not always be pure, but it is good enough to entice millions of consumers to buy it every season.

EA Sports FC 24 will have a different name, but is expected to still retain the FIFA core, which means we could see a whole host of familiar game modes – including the money-making Ultimate Team.

With that being said, we’ve put together a list of areas we think EA needs to work on in Ultimate Team, in order to make it a more fulfilling and engaging game mode.

1. Low Promo and SBC

Let me just go ahead and say it, the oversaturation of weekly promos and excessive SBCs ruined FIFA 23 long before Christmas.

‘Special’ cards don’t feel special anymore when EA is releasing tons of new players with amazing stats that make the top-tier Rare Gold cards unnecessary. Beyond that, TOTW is a shadow of its former self.

The knock-on effect is a completely dead market with only two rare gold players in FIFA 23 selling over 100K in 2023.

It was boring to see that by the end of November everyone had Haaland leading his team, with a bunch of SBC’s around it. Endgame teams shouldn’t see that regularly in December, and it makes every game a whole lot more sweaty.

2. Scrap the meaningless consumables

Is there anyone alive who enjoys the concept of contracts or healing? Like fitness cards, they were an intriguing but strategic element of Ultimate Team in years past, but the abundance of packs, free packs and rewards means you’ll never run out of them now.

They have become a nuisance for the sake of being a nuisance and add nothing to the game. I imagine they’re also meant to fill packs as rare, but in that case, find new ways to go about it – as they did with the status modifier cards.

3. Bring back the win/loss system for division rivals

The checkpoint system was an attempt to reinvigorate FUT Rivals and shake it up. The only problem was that the classic promotion/relegation system had a set number game Wasn’t broken – so they didn’t need to ‘fix’ it.

Now, you could be permanently hanging in limbo in a division you’re not entirely comfortable with for an entire season. This makes grinding for weekly rewards harder (another mistake was changing the total required for the Rewards upgrade to 8) and your gameplay more frustrating.

Please bring back the old system.

fifa 23 few moments screen

4. Challenge FUT Moments for more rewards

The big concern was that FUT Moments were going to get stale very quickly, and that turned out to be the case as EA didn’t make them worth fulfilling as Season 1’s rewards were sadly woeful.

It’s a novel concept in which segments of the gameplay are cut out to grind towards rewards, but it has another problem – the gameplay is tedious.

Nobody likes playing against a team that is guaranteed at least 20 in-game minutes to play and win by 2 goals on semi-pro, let alone challenges that turn the difficulty even lower Huh.

Give us interesting scenarios where we can choose from several different difficulty levels, a la Squad Battles, and give us fun, varied objectives to complete with nice rewards on the line. Otherwise, FUT Moments runs the risk of being a great concept that ends up dying – just like FUT Draft.

5. Guaranteed Rewards for FUT Champions

Unless you’re finishing very high in FUT Champions, then it’s a serious case of Forrest Gump Syndrome with FUT Champions because you really don’t know what you’re going to get.

Now, in fairness, the big honor has to go to EA as they whittled down the original 40 games to 30 and now 20, but for a lot of people, 20 is still a hefty commitment. So, if you’re going to do battle with your heart and soul to win more and more, you want to be rewarded.

Worse still, players who are getting 12-16 wins, sometimes more, are getting amazing prizes on paper, but are cheated when it comes to their actual prizes. It would make sense to implement a system similar to Rivals in which players can choose between two or three prizes, eg at least one option guarantees you an 86+ player.

These are just some of the ways we’ll look to make EA’s football game better as we move into the new era of EA Sports FC.

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